Kiko’s Corrector- the special coloured corrector wheel- best solution to cover blemishes

After months of trying to find this- I have finally found this really cool coloured corrector during my trip to Spain.

“Kiko”- an Italian cosmetics line which has great products sells this color correction concealer wheel.


It’s basically a wheel to minimize any imperfections.

Beige:  conceals natural flaws. Good for brightening under eyes

Purple: balances yellow coloured blemishes, or any bruises. Great for dark spots on bronzed skin.

Green: Neutralizes red tones/red marks

Yellow: conceals blue bruises or mild red coloration from sun damage


I absolutely love this product! You can find similar products (not necessarily in a colour wheel), but you can get a mini palette from pixi, Clinique, makeup forever (palette), Smashbox. Keep in mind, some come in bottles.

 I’m not sure if you can order it online, but when you find a colored wheel, ANYWHERE, grab the opportunity & get it!

Suggestion: Print out this post (which color is used for what) and stick it next to your vanity mirror to help you hide those imperfections.