Special “lipgel” from MAC’s Cham-Pale collection

Got this amazing lipgloss from MAC a few months ago, when their CHAM-PALE collection launched. It introduced “lipgelee” which is a soft jelly textured gloss in a form of a squeezy tube, slightly thicker than normal glosses.


The collection had shimmery glosses, but the one I had my eye on was on the shade “Luxure”.

It’s a champagne shade based lipgelee with lots of purple & fuchsia shimmery glittery thingies! Also can be described as a sheer silver & pink gloss with little glittery bits.


It looks great when applied on its own, or even if it is on top of a lipstick. It’s better to use it on centre of lip (not all over) to give the plump effect. Do not apply it all over since it’s extra shimmery.

Below is a photo of how it looks if it is mixed with a lipstick- (MAC’s Kinda Sexy lipstick)