Make Up For Ever- THE EYEBROW KIT- Must have

So I visited Makeup for ever, & I’ve tried this product. OK. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. My eyebrows are just PERFECT!!

I always use MAC’s eyebrow pencil “stud” but this EYEBROW KIT that I came across is my holy grail of all eyebrow products. It’s better than MAC’s, & even better than Smashbox’s Brow Tech Pencil-which I love.

Let me tell you about this eyebrow kit. Basically, it’s an eyebrow corrector in a special mini kit.


The kit includes a defining cream in a small tube, & 2 mini special eyebrow brushes. One is a slanted brush, similar to MAC 266, and one is similar to the eyeliner brush.

You can choose from 4 shades: Light Blond (1), Light Brown (2), Dark Brown (3), and Brown Black (4). I recommend choosing a shade closer to your hair color to match your brows. I have Dark brown hair- so I went along with #3. Warning: this formula tends to slightly darken.

Why is this creamy gel better than a pencil? It really fills the gaps in your eyebrows (naturally), and doesn’t give you the BOXED eyebrow look in the front. Plus, it stays longer. Even so, it’s waterproof +humidity proof! Pencils tend to smudge off easily, but this stays put.

How to use it?

Apply a mini dot from the tube on your hand.

Take the mini slanted brush & take some color from your hand then fill in any gaps in your brows.

TIP: shared from the MUFE artist: start from the middle to end, then do the front (will make it look more natural as you will apply the least in the front).Fill in the gaps, lengthen your brows (if needed) & if you want to make very presice corrections, use the fine brush.

If it was too much?

Looks to dark? You can easily reduce it without actually removing it. Get a lash brush or a clear mascara applicator (photo below) and go over your brows back and forth until the color lessens.

* If you’re suffering from grey hairs in between your brows, this kit is the best solution.

Check out my before and after photos.

As you can see, I had some gaps in the start and the ends were not filled, but the after look is a natural finish filling all gaps.

Above is a comparison, left has no corrector while the right one does. The right one is slightly thicker, yet still natural & zero gaps!


I love how it makes the brows look so natural!