GET THE LOOK: Kim Kardashian’s nude pink lips

WE all love Kim’s nudish pinky glossy lips. I have read about it & I was able to achieve it.


The lipstick (I’m sure you’ll find), but the gloss (not available in Bahrain) so I’ll jot down some alternatives.

I don’t suggest lining your lip. Let’s keep it natural, although Kim lines it with “stripdown”-MAC. It’s up to you.

Get a lipstick from MAC called “Angel” or your other alternative is “Hue”. I personally love Hue more, but it’s your choice. Hue  is a soft pale nude pink shade with a glaze.

Angel is a pale rosy pink but not “milky” & not to very pale. It is what Kim uses.

Apply the lipstick, and then apply gloss. Kim uses the NARS lip-gloss “Turkish Delight”, which provides serious shine in a MILKY baby pink shade. I don’t recommend applying it on it’s own, I prefer it applied with a pinkish lipstick. If you have dark skin, I don’t recommend using those shades (angel + Turkish delight)- since they are too light! Turkish Delight is the perfect nude pink.


You can buy this gloss online, or purchase it from Sephora Dubai or anywhere else, since they don’t sell it anymore in Bahrain.

Lip-gloss Alternatives to Turkish Delight:

– Oyster Girl Lipglass (MAC)

– C-Thru Lipglass (MAC)

– Underage Lipglass (MAC)

– Florabundance Lipglass (MAC)

– Angel Cream (MAC)

– “Her Glossiness”- Benefit

Overall, Underage Lipglass (MAC) is the closest to Turkish delight.

After this, you should get the result of a perfect nude pink lips- perfect with a smoky eye!