4 Things a Makeup Counter Salesperson DOESN’T want you to know

WATCH OUT – You must know this when you go & try/buy makeup!


1.      Germs are everywhere: although they clean the brushes, never trust any brush unless it’s yours. Bacteria & oils transfer from skin to skin. Germs are in the products, as people stick their fingers in the colors to test them. Applying lipstick on your lips in a store is the #1 mistake=bacteria fiesta.


2.      They play on your insecurities: salespeople tend to make you feel special by complimenting you saying you are pretty. However, they compliment everyone! They compliment the customer in order for the customer to tell them what they are looking for. Some women are shy in asking for help, but compliments tend to boost their confidence & make them willing to talk.


3.      They don’t know everything: unfortunately, the focus of cosmetic stores is on sales most of the time & less about product knowledge. Many of them don’t know the in-depth product information, and might make it up. I have been to many stores & asked many sales staff who are in charge of the specific products about how and why they use this etc…Shockingly- they don’t know the answer for it!


4.      They judge you based on the products you use: Many beauty salespeople will ask you what products you are currently using. This is a trick question. They want to know how much money you are spending on your products (to know how much you will spend with them) & also how much time they are willing to spend on you.