Inglot’s Freedom System Eye Palettes

Girls, it’s really important that you organize your eye shadows. I have over 4 MAC palettes (just for the eyes), but they might be quite expensive & their eyeshadows tend to be pricey. Some other eyeshadows from INGLOT or smashbox or NYX do fit in MAC palettes. The disadvantage about MAC palettes- they fit 4 or 15 only. If you need more, then you must buy a new palette.

IF you are looking for palettes that are more affordable & want to customize them on your own- there is a fantastic easy solution.

Nearly 2 months ago, Inglot launched a freedom system for eye palettes, where you choose among your favorite eyeshadows.  You can choose from over 210 eye shades to personally create yours. It’s important to choose your own colors since you WILL use them cuz you CHOOSE them, instead of buying ready palettes with 3-4 colors that you will never touch.

You can choose for a 2,3,4,5,10, 20 color Palette or a 40 color one.


I absolutely love that it’s a MAGNETIC palette, making it easy to move & stack. I suggest the 10 or 20 shade palette instead of the little ones.  You can choose either the round shades or the square shades. Some lip shades are available to be placed in the palette (only round).

Whenver your shades are nearly empty, you go for a refill. The more shades you buy in the palette, the less the price for each becomes.

The price per eyeshadow (1-2) is $7 each; if you buy (3-9 shades) you’ll pay $ 5 each. And if you get 10+ shades, each will cost you $ 4.50.