The CONTOUR BRUSH.. How to use it in other ways

We have all seen the angled brushes in makeup stores & have brought it and kept it in the makeup vanity and constantly look at it, but not touch it.


Well, I’m sure you know what it is at least used for.

Contouring:  shading the areas you want to make look smaller, thinner, narrower.. etc. (with a darker brownish color).

 I’m going to concentrate on the MAC 168 Large angled contour brush- (or any similar brush you have)


This post is not about how to contour using this brush. It’s a little tip / trick that I would love to share with you guys on the other uses of this brush.

This brush can be used perfectly as a BLUSH brush.

Trust me, it works.

 The bristles of this brush are so soft, which makes it great for blending. Since it is angled, I take this as an advantage to use it with blush to swipe across the cheeks. I always and still use the “kabuki” brush- a really cute small chubby round brush that creates an amazing blush effect on your face. But the contour brush is for more precise application.

I apply the blush with it by swiping it on the apples of my cheeks diagonally (up to down, down to up).

It’s narrow end helps deliver the color to the tight corners in the face, when compared with the chubby kabuki brush.