MAC’s VANILLA pigment- why is it so good?

My all time favorite pigment: MAC’s VANILLA

The color: It appears to be white, but it’s not actually white! It’s a Peachy-gold shimmer delicately grinded to make application easy. It is not frosty, so it can suit many skin tones & ages- as it’s glowy. It is basically used to cause a more dramatic effect for the eyes.

Color shown above portrays a beautiful golden/white highlight

 Where to use it: You can use it on your brow bone ( a highlighter). I usually take a brush that can be used for easy access small areas- whichever brush you choose, make sure the hairs are short (tiny). Apply it on your brow bone, and easily blend it with your finger. I also love to use it next to my “tear ducts”- which is the eyes inner corners. This gives an amazing glow & attracts whoever straight to your eyes. It makes your eyes brighter (if placed in inner corner!)

Extra Use: this might sound weird, but some girls mix some of the pigment in their daily body lotion. They mix it up, and then get glowy moisturized skin as a result!

I DON’T recommend using it as a “Cheek highlighter”. It’s is quite difficult to use & any wrong application will cause a mess. This type of loose powder needs to be mastered properly, and the mini tub won’t help a big brush. Plus, it’s too shimmery for the cheeks.