TIPS you must know before buying makeup brushes-MUST KNOW!

Before buying any makeup brush, keep in mind that they are an investment- since they will be used daily.  Expensive brushes are found everywhere, but also good brushes are found easily.

 *SIZE: many mini makeup compacts/palettes have mini brushes (blush/eyeshadows)… believe me they are no good. They are too small/narrow for accurate application. I suggest you throw them away and use the full length brushes.


*HAIR TYPE: make sure you buy the suitable brush with the suitable HAIR type for your product. NOT all brushes are used for the same thing. 2 hair types:

Natural hair: (goat, pony, or squirrel)- extremely soft, which helps in the “blending”. Used only for powder products – Blush, eyeshadow, & powder. Example of brushes below:


Synthetic hair: great to use with creamy products – concealer, foundation, gel liner, lip colors. You can easily control your application since those brushes are stiffer than natural hairs. Examples of brushes below



*QUALITY: an important thing to look at when buying a brush, make sure the quality is good. Touch the brush hairs, are they soft? Are they rough? Rough bristles might irritate your skin or cause a rash etc. Just assess the quality, & do not buy the brush because it’s cheap. Cheap quality brushes might not give you the desired look you look forward to. Make sure that the hairs in the brush don’t fall out. Pull it a bit, if they fall out every time you pull- IT’S A FAIL. Good brushes also have hairs shedding but it happens in the start.


*OVERALL FEEL: make sure that when you hold the brush, you feel comfortable with it. Is it easy to hold? Is it easily controllable? Easy to apply with? If it is, then you are good to go!


If you are willing to pay the price for great brushes, MAC would be the number 1 option. The second option I suggest is Bobbi Brown, although MAC have a wider variety & huge range that Bobbi doesn’t have. If you want to pay less, but still great quality, I suggest you go with INGLOT! Much more affordable. Avoid buying brushes from pharmacies or high end cosmetics such as Chanel etc as they will be extra $$$.

 If you are an Online shopper, I urge you try out , since sigma’s brushes are TOP QUALITY, yet affordable! They are the closest you can get to MAC brushes! Many makeup artists suggest them, even so, many have switched to them! Sigma Brushes below: