Marrakesh Chic Collection for Fall 2011 by Bobbie Brown

After her fast selling collection “Tortoise”, Bobbi unveiled her new upcoming collaboration for FALL 2011.

Inspired by Morocco- where jars filled with colorful spices, fabrics of vibrant colors stacked, beautifully woven rugs, etc.   It offers colors that can be smudged, blotted & swiped. Bobbi reveals sandy textures & dusty tones!

 Rich Color Eye Shadow

Sand Dune

Pink Silk

Rich Kashmir

Desert Lily

Rich Slate


Coffee Bean



Lip Color

Desert Plum

Violet Glaze (Metallic)

Desert Rose (New)


Creamy Lip Color

Pale Plum

Pink Blossom


 I absolutely love love love the eyeshadows! I’m dying to get my hands on them!

Will be launched Sept 2011 (USA), and internationally October