The trick for fuller plumper lips- the ‘Jolie-esque’ pout

Ahhh.. The famous Angelina Jolie Lips..

The lips that all women desire…


We all want fuller lips, and everything is possible-with makeup!  Here are some tips:


Easy techniques for a fuller lip:

* After you apply your lipstick, or even without lipstick- apply lip gloss in a DOWNWARD MOTION to give a 3D effect.


* To make an illusion that your lips are very full (like Angelina Jolie)- dab some lip gloss only in the middle of your    lower & upper lip.


*Avoid any dark lipsticks or glosses because it will make your lips look smaller. Lighter shades of lipsticks (shiny)& glosses give the illusion of fullness & the shiny ones reflect light à so your lips will look bigger.


Advanced techniques for a fuller lip:


* Get a white lip pencil or a concealer (1 or 2 shades lighter than skin) & apply to the cupid’s bow of your lips (‘m’ shape right above you upper lips). Do not go over your natural lip line. Then blend it lightly with your finger or sponge.


* This might sound weird, but get a brown eyeliner and gently draw a fine line underneath your lower lip line (not too dark). This will show that your lips are so full that they create a shadow!


* Get a concealer (1 or 2 shades lighter than skin) and apply over lip area. Get a lip liner that is (1-2 shades darker) than your lips & line your lips moving from outside to inside. Then apply lipstick/gloss. Here you have created a blank palette.