How to Clean your brushes? This is the Makeup artist’s proper routine!

We all get confused on how to clean our makeup brushes. Shall we settle on the brush cleanser liquid that Cosmetic stores sell? Or Shampoo? Or soap? Hmmm..



To be honest with you, brushes build up a lot of color within + oils excess + bacteria. You really need to clean your brushes at least once a week to remove any buildup- which can irritate your skin.


Brush Cleansing liquid doesn’t do it for me. I tried it a couple of times- on a tissue /Petri dish and the color still remains there!


The best way, and trust me on this, many make-up artists swear by this, is using hair shampoo.

1-     Run water over your brush hair, then rub shampoo in a circular motion.

2-     Rinse under running water to get soap out

3-     Repeat 1&2 if color is still there

4-     Squeeze the water out making sure not to pull on hairs. Shape them up (don’t leave the hairs messy)

5-     Drying brushes- lay them flat on a towel. DON’T let them stand in a cup to dry as the water will seep to the handle and cause the brush to weaken over time.