Best 2 Waterproof mascaras

Many mascaras claim they are waterproof. Yet, they don’t achieve what they declare. Many of them smudge, flake or run down your face when come in contact with water- keep in mind that they are WATERPOOF.


 Let me tell you about the 2 mascaras that have never let me down.


1-     L’Oreal Voluminous Million (waterproof):

This rich formula will stay for hours, other than that; it gives amazing super long volumised black lashes.
Works great with water.

2-     Maybelline’s Volum’ Express THE TURBO in very black (waterproof): this mascara actually knows what ANTI clumping means! It also thickens your lashes up to 7times more!  Resists water & works beautifully



You just have to make sure you read the label on the packaging- make sure it says “waterproof” since the waterproof& washable look very similar!