Guerlain’s Fall 2011 Collection: Magnifique!

The collection features 9 new eyeshadow palettes of four colors each.

 Each eyeshadow palette has four textures:

  • Iridescent: with tiny pearl particles
  • Matte: for an extra-matte, ultra-soft finish
  • Velvet Satin: for a soft, delicate velvet finish
  • Alcatar’s eyes: a metallic finish with an unbelievable softness


Here are the names of the new shades:

  • Les Violets
  • Les Bleus
  • Les Verts
  • Les Bois de rose
  • Les Gris
  • Les Fumes
  • Les Cuirs
  • Les Perles
  • Les Noirs

 There will be three 3 new eyeliner pencils:

  • Khol Me Navy (rich celadon)
  •  Khol Me Ebony (Brown)
  •  Khol Me Jungle (green).


A new liquid eyeliner in Brun Cendré 


Three new shades of the Guerlain’s Rouge G lipstick

  •  Garconne (red)
  • Gigolo (deep plum)
  • Girly (rich pink)


The collection will be released Aug 2011 in the USA.