Midnight Recovery?!

We all need our beauty sleep… and with this product, your face will be beautifies/recovered while you are dozing off!

“Kiehl’s” Midnight Recovery Concentrate – ONE NIGHT. TWO DROPS. YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN BY MORNING!!!!


It’s an overnight treatment that regenerates, repairs & replenishes your skin for smoother healthier look. Works while your skin is most receptive to repair (during sleep) and restores it. It includes special ingredients such as :

*Evening primrose- rich in omega 6 and repairs skin

*Lavender- sooth inflamed/irritated skin and reduced blotchiness + makes skin radiant/brighter.

*SKWA lane-moisturizing olive oil that’s very silky+ easily absorbed

 How to use it?

Before bed, apply 2-3 drops on clean skin. Gently press your fingertips on cheeks, forehead + chin to evenly distribute applicator. Then massage into skin.

 I used it a few times and my skin has become more hydrated & softer. Might feel oily at first but it will sink right under your skin. It will definitely rest your skin & improve your texture+ tone. The smell itself is comforting before bed! Go ahead, try this night serum and notice the difference in a weeks’ time!

 Available all over USA, & in middle east (Kuwait, Dubai Harvey Nichols) or order online