If you have always wondered how to do the “smokey” eye look, then this is the most basic product as a beginner to use!

This “eyelights” palette from SMASHBOX, known as “SMOKEBOX” consists of the 3 metallic shades. What’s great about this product is that you can use it wet or dry!

This amazing trio includes a dark glittery black, metallic cool brownish gray, & an off-white/beige mid-tone.

How to apply the “trio” for a smokey look:

(WAY #1)

1.       Apply eye primer (Urban decay’s eye primer potion) to prevent creasing + buildup.

2.       Apply the lightest colour over your entire lid (also under brow bone as a highlighter).

3.       Get your MAC 224 tapered blending brush or MAC 217 blending brush (slightly stiffer than 224), and apply the medium brownish/grey eyeshadow with it on the eyelid + outer crease. *Remember: Always move from the crease towards the lid in a downward motion when applying shadow

4.       Then get your MAC 219 Pencil brush & wet it with a little water. Use it with the black eyeshadow and line your eyes (on top of eyelid).

5.       Using your MAC 217 brush, gently blend this black line with whatever’s under it.  

6.       Apply black eye pencil liner in your inner lashline, then mascara

(WAY #2)

1.       Another way to do it is do steps 1 &2, then using a stiff crease brush (MAC 217) apply the black eyeshadow in the outer ‘V’ of your eye.

2.       Apply black liquid eyeliner on top.

3.       Apply black eye pencil liner in your inner lashline then add mascara

(WAY #3)

1.       Apply the lighter shade. Then middle shade all over lid using the same 224/217 brush.

2.       Apply the black shade with the 217 brush in the crease.  Lighter application of black in the inner crease but darker in the outer 2/3rd of the crease.

3.       To give more definition to the eye, take the lightest shade (using a small brush) and gently press on the eyelid’s crease (inner corner) & blend. This will give a high impacted defined metallic crease.

4.       Sweep the off white shade under brow bone.

5.       Apply black eye pencil liner in your inner lashline, then mascara

6.       With a small smudging brush or MAC 219 pencil, apply the black shade mixed with middle shade under the bottom lashes. (From darker to lighter).

(Be careful from the black eyeshadow, as it tends to drop dust when applied under your eye. Remove the excess with a “fan brush” or apply loose powder under eye so it won’t affect it!)

You can also check out as  it will show you (WAY #3)


video illustration!