Prep + Prime

A must have beauty product : The product that is always out of stock

MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

What is this loose powder used for?

This silky finishing powder provides an INVISIBLE way to set your makeup. It will reduce your shine while it minimizes your imperfections. It suits all tones & can be worn on makeup or on bare skin. It will also hold your makeup longer!

How to use it?

Do NOT freak out because the product is white.

 Once you apply it, it will become transparent. I use a powder puff to apply it. 

 You can also use a powder brush (MAC 150).

After applying foundation, swirl the MAC 150 brush in the product and tap off the excess then apply to face. Apply to all of your face, exactly on top of all areas foundation has been applied.

If you’d rather use a powder puff, then dab the puff onto the product, tap of any excess, then gently press the powder all over your face. Make sure the powder is blended in order to look transparent by removing any excess powder using the powder brush.

Once your done, you can then apply your skinfinish/bronzer/blusher Etc.

*It’s not cakey over liquid makeup & will remove shine giving you an overall polished look