Hellllo! Sorry I havn’t wrote anything for a while now. I was on holiday in Spain!! I’m back and wanted to share some amazing new stuff I have got.

NARS. Oh how much I love you. It’s so sad that Sephora Bahrain doesn’t sell it anymore. Anyways, these lip glosses are beyond amazing.

Serious shine & the shades are never-ending. What I extremely love about those lipglossesà THEY ARE NOT STICKY!! NARS glosses are slick,longwear, and most importantly not too sticky.  In fact, they can last through a whole meal!

Above are my favorite colours. I absolutely love “Striptease” since I’m very into the nude tones. It also go perfectly with the “smokey eye” look.  “Turkish Delight” is KIM KARDASHIAN’s favorite lipgloss. She luvs using this nude milky pinkish gloss. Another new shade which recently launched is “Sweet revenge” which is a must have. It’s sheer with a hint of coral. “Orgasm” is the shimmery-est of them all, making it my least favorite.  

You can order them online, or get them from Sephora Dubai.