Just about to head to the airport… but I heard that lot’s of people are checking out my blog & are asking about “eyeliner”! THE HARDEST TASK FOR A WOMAN.

I will write more about the eyelining in the coming posts, but couldn’t leave without sharing this summer’s beauty tip!

Beach season has arrived, and we are all up to date with the bronzers and summery lipsticks. 

Beach eyeliner? WATERPROOF MAYBE!?

You should look pretty while you’re swimming too!

TRY MAC’s Liquid Last Liner!

This amazing little tube will give you amazing eyes while you are swimming. And trust me, it won’t be removed by the water! Just be careful not to get tanning oil next to your eye. Remember that it is a heavy based liner, so it will take some time to dry. But be sure that it is difficult to remove since it is water resistant. Some baby oil would do. 

The grip of this liner is slightly different than others. It might be hard for some. However, you should try it and practice will make you master it! I wouldn’t suggest this eyeliner for daily use, it’s made for pools/beach.

Many colours are available:

 Visonaire (clean baby pink)
Classic Cream (white gold)
Greenplay (clean mid tone yellow/green with pearl)
Pop Iris (mid tone violet with pink pearl)
Powerplum (deep plum with red pearl)

Coco Bar (Brown)

Point Black (Black)

TIP: this liner is also ideal for Beauty spot/marks. Just make a small “dot” wherever you want, and let it dry. It will look very natural