Most women do not test their foundation colour before buying it. You don’t want a foundation colour that is darker or lighter than your skin colour. You must test it, but NOT on your wrist/hand!

Your face colour differs from your arm. The best way to test it is on your cheekbones.

Take 3 slightly similar colours that you might think might suit your skin. Apply each colour underneath the previous one, all on your cheek.

The colour that is closest to your natural skin colour is the proper one. The right colour is the one that disappears into your skin.

Go for yellow based colour for natural (suits major skin tones), & if you are very fair then try pinker shades. Make sure the lighting is also right. Flourescent lighting will make your face look GREEN.

However, you must make sure you choose the right foundation type! Liquid might not suit you, so you have to relate it to your skin type. Same goes to powder.

The 2nd mistake is: Choosing the WRONG FOUNDATION TYPE… Check out my next post!