Eye primer

Is Eye primer important? YES IT IS!

What an eye primer does: makes your eyeshadow last, more vibrant colour & doesn’t allow the eyeshadow to crease.

2 products I’ve tried ( after hearing a lot about them): 

Urban Decay’s Eye primer potion   Vs.   Guerlain Eyeshadow Primer

The Primer potion is a tube with some magic potion. 

Prep your eyes by applying 2-3 mini smears with the wand. 

Then with your finger smudge it all over your eye lid to the area under your brows. It will dry instantly, making your eyelids feel smoother when touched. Available in 2 colours (sin & Original). I use the original shade.  It is also amazing for oily eyelids. 

Actually works. I tested this by applying it underneath my shadow since 7 am. Nearly 12 hours later, it’s EXACTLY THE SAME! IT DOESN’T CREASE. I SWEAR!

(Purchase @ Sephora –Dubai or Online)

Guerlain Eyeshadow Primer- more known as the “Ombre Eclat Primer” ensures long lasting crease proof colour. 

  It comes as a hard-creamy shade with a tiny brush.  That was the biggest drawback. Trying to brush the primer on the brush was the hardest. The product is literally stiff like a stone, making it very hard to apply. In the end of the day, I have realized some creases were there. 

The winner here is the primer potion! So easy to apply, amazing smooth eyelids, and allows the color to stay over 12 hours! YOU MUST GET IT.