Enhance your bronzer…

So you apply your bronzer. WAITTTTTTT… Enhance it more… 

Add this:

It is a cool product from a brand called “TOO FACED”—sold only in SEPHORA (Middle East).

This Pure Bronze Mineral Bronzer consists of crushed pearls. It gives you a natural tan. It creates a brighter,smoother, & more radiant complexion. It’s a loose powder form of bronzer. This unique, light reflecting shade is very easy to apply.

1.Tap  a little powder into the lid.

2. Use a kabuki brush-> (picture) I use inglot’s brush,I find it better than MAC’s brush. You can find those brushes in every makeup store. With the brush, absorb the powder in a circular motion.

3. Start at the temple & move to the apple of the cheek. Also apply on the nose.

However, I tend to do it differently. I apply my normal bronzerà (hoola, cargo, mac, etc). Then on the upper cheekbones, I would highlight it only with this mineral powder to give it a glow. Make sure to blend it in.

WARNING FOR THIS PRODUCT: IT IS VERY.. VERY.. SHIMMERY. If you apply it all over your face, it would all look shimmery-glittery. So be careful.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.