Mac Semi Precious Collection for Summer 2011

MAC never stop with their collections! This is the 3rd collection arriving within those three months! This collection is ofcorse,  LIMITED EDITION!

This dazzling new collection, with “gem-like” colours will make you shine. The semi precious gems include shades of: “bronzite”, “black tourmaline”, “gold pyrite” & “lilac lepidolite”.

The collection includes minzeralize skinfinishes in crystal pink, goldstone, pearl & rose. Blushes, lipsticks, a new range of eyeshadows, cremesheen glass, new brushes, a new hydrating mist, and a moisturizing lotion.

Mineralize Skinfinish


 (Gem of Roses, Lush Amber, One of a Kind, Musky Amethyst)


        (Geo Pink, Looks like sin, Natural Flare, Pure Magnificance, Richly Revered)

Brush 179


Eyeshadows + brushes

USA launch date July 7, 2011 and Internationally mid July