Understanding Multi-coloured correcting concealers

Yes I know. You have never used those colours. A green concealer? A purple one too? WHAT? We all use the “beige” concelear, & have no clue what the other colours are for!

The coloured correctors were invented because some women use a shade that is too light when covering under eyes, & hence the “raccoon” look is developed. The dark circles look worse.

Let me explain to you what each coloured corrector is used for:

Beige concealing natural flaws + brightening under eyes

Light green to neutralize red tones , covering blemishes +red marks.

Pink the solution to EXTRA DARK under eye circles. Use as a base & blend, then add a yellowish/beige concealer on top.

Yellow conceal blue bruises, mild red colouration & sun damage

Purple to balance yellow-coloured blemishes/bruises.  Also used for dark spots on bronzed skin.

If you have any of the tough blemishes stated above, then apply the shade of coloured conclear. On top of that, apply your normal beige concealer, followed by your foundation.