Top 6 Red lipsticks

It’s very hard to pick the red lipstick that best suits you. I have done my share of research and I’m in love with those 6 lipsticks!

You have to keep in mind this trick: To pull off a brighter lip, you need to wear a good 2 coats of mascara (or false lashes) + some darker liner to balance it out.  Nothing too over dramatic, but you need some eye makeup so the lips aren’t yelling “look at me”! You can wear eyeshadow with red lips- it just needs to be neutral colors or not too bright or dramatic…
Stila – “Lover”
It is a long wearing lipstick + lip gloss. It has a very Deep red colour, a delicious vanilla scent, & a creamy texture

MAC- “Ruby Woo”
This matt lipstick (be careful about bleeding lips). It is quite dry, so you can add gloss on top or apply balm underneath. What I love about this colour is that it’s not too light or dark, just warm red. It goes wonderfully with the “Redd” lip liner from MAC. Even suits dark skin! I suggest to line your lips for a beautiful result!
MAC- “Russian Red”
Another great lipstick for every skin tone. It is quite similar to Ruby Woo, but the colour is more eye-catching!
Revlon – “Really Red” Matte
You might be reluctant to wear bold colours like red however this lipstick  has a cool red tone to it that’s not too much in your face and suitable for most skin tones.

Sephora – No. 9 “Valentine”
Sephora’s own brand, their rouge cream lipstick is very hydrating & this colour is intense! With a rich magenta shade, this red is different than any red! It’s so special I always get compliments when I wear it!

Chanel – “Newyork Red”
I always hear that Chanel has the best red lipsticks; however, I feel they suit fairer skin! It has a bright true red colour. This red is the ultimate classic red.