Set your makeup: MAC Fix+ Vs. Makeup4ever Mist Fix Vs. Dew Me

MAC’s Fix +spray is an aqua spritz of vitamin & minerals with a blend of green tea/chamomile/ & cucumber.

What this product does is that it adds radiance + finishes your look. You skin will drink it up this mist, allowing your makeup to set. You can apply it before your makeup & also afterwards. Apply 2-3 sprays all over your face. This will add moisture to your skin after the powder. Don’t worry; it will not ruin your makeup. Just be cautious if you have oily skin, it might make it look oilier.

Makeup4ever’s Mist & Fix is the alternative to MAC’s Fix+.

Another product is “Dew me” by urban decay.

I haven’t tried this product yet, but I’m hearing amazing feedback. This setting spray has a fresh scent, and actually does set makeup. It doesn’t feel heavy at all. It is aimed a those with extra dry skin as it is loaded with a unique cooling technology that lowers the surface temperature of your makeup by 20 degrees.