The 4 must have brushes (for the eye area)

There are hundreds of brushes out there, making it very hard to decide which ones to get.  I have narrowed it down to the most important 4 brushes for the eye area. All bushes are from MAC. They are rather pricey, but will last you a lifetime!


MAC 227 Large fluff brush

You will use this brush as your ‘main’ brush, to apply colour on your entire lid. It’s a great brush to deposit a good amount of colour across your eyes in 10 seconds. Hairs are soft and dense, picking up adequate amount of colour and distributing it evenly. Easy application, just swipe &pat and you’re done! It’s also a multi-functional brush (blending/highlighting/softening).

MAC 224 Tapered Blending brush

The purpose of the dome is to create a soft blended look. This brush is used for blending eyeshadow UNDER the brow, after applying a softer amount of colour in the CREASE. You can also use to apply powder (studio fix powder) under the eyes to prevent any creasing through the day. This brush is also known as the “WINDSHIELD WIPER” brush. It’s the #1 blending brush. It’s super soft + fluffy but firm enough to blend the colours seamlessly & not spread it too far. Some women dislike this brush because it doesn’t suite their eye. It’s for a bigger crease & suites almond shaped eyes.  For smaller eyes, I suggest the MAC 217 brush.

MAC 217 Blending brush

This brush also used for blending.  It creates the perfect smoky eye, for adding on darker eyeshadows & applying more color to the crease. It’s so versatile & great for the crease (if you have big or small eyes). Amazing for blending & works on the outer corner of the eye.

MAC 219 Pencil Brush

The specialty for this brush is to smudge eyeshadow under the lower lash line, or smudging eyeliner, or to create a very defined crease. Another must have brush for the smoky eye look. It helps reach small areas with precision.


In conclusion, you have to get the 219,217,224 & 227 MAC BRUSHES.