Clean Up Time…

We are all lazy by nature. It’s 11 pm, time for bed, and you are really not in the mood to remove your makeup. It’s a long process! But try to force yourself & erase the colours! The way you take off your makeup is really.. really .. really important. If you don’t do it the right way you might cause skin irritation/wrinkles/damage.. etc.

Ok, here’s how:

1-      If  you have false lashes on, remove them from the end by pulling them inwards. Take some water and rub it on your lashes & let it sit for a while. Let the water settle in your lashes so it will be easy to remove the clumps.

2-      Get your make up wipes. I love Nivea’s wipes (Visage Facial Cleansing Wipes). Many others use Johnson’s or Boots. I personally find johnson’s wipes too oily. Also, many girls use a cotton pad + liquid remover. I don’t recommend that since it doesn’t remove everything. It’s effective for mini –controlled areas only. One wipe can remove everything but you will need 10 cotton pads to do it! It’s your choice. So wipe everything off gently, but the tip here isà do it in an upward motion, because you don’t want to help gravity & make your face sag. So remove everything on your face, leaving the eye area till last.

3-      Take the wipe and cover one finger with it, then use that finger to remove your eye makeup. Start wiping from the corner of your inner eye and outwards. You have to make sure you wipe this area VERY gently. Go over your lash line (with your lid closed) from one corner to the other.

4-      Look up and wipe you bottom lashline.

5-      The next step here is the most important one. Once you remove your makeup, your skin still has some colour absorbed. You can check that by wiping your face with a tissue & it will turn into a different colour! You need to wash your face, especially if you are about to sleep! You will apply moisturizers/night creams etc during your “Beauty Sleep” so you HAVE TO WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE THAT! We all have different skin washing routines, and you can do yours. Just foam up your face with face wash, rinse it off, then DAB it with a tissue.

6-      Apply your creams.