We are always used to buying the powdered eyeshadow over & over again. I always pass by the “creamy eyeshadow” section never understanding anything about them. I decided to get a couple, and I must say, the result was amazing. I wouldn’t suggest them for a daily look though, just for a fancy dramatic look.

The products come in tubs, its lightweight texture is very easy to blend. It must dry though in order to not gather in the crease.  Creamy eyeshadows are not to be blended with other colours since they are a single colour application. Different shades create a mess on your eyelids. I personally find it beautiful to blend with another colour (but a powdered eyeshadow & not creamy)!

Got some lovely natural shades from MAC, and my advice is for you to get light colours & avoid the darkish ones. Try this: get MAC’s Paint Pot “BARE STUDY” colour, and get along with it a powder eyeshadow from MAC  “Brown Down”.

Bare study is sheer & slightly goldish shimmery. It’s a great base to build eyeshadow on & holds the colour throughout the day. The finish is amazing, subtle & pearly. Brown down is a must have for all times. It’s neutral dark brown can be easily blended with a million other eyeshadows.  It goes well with all goldenish shadows- ex woodwinked. What’s great about it is that it’s not too dark!

All you need is those two colours, a 249 MAC brush (for the creamy one) & 217 MAC blending brush  (for brown down).

I use the above brush for creamy eyeshadows. This flat brush is firm & works well with eyelids by applying firmly & efficiently. Synthetic fibers are better for creamy. You can also get a smaller one if desired.

Apply with a 249 brush (bare study) on your full eye lid. Apply a second base as well. Using the 217 brush, apply brown down on the SIDES/outer corners of your eye.

Look at the darker shade on the outer corner in the photo, and apply it exactly. With the same blending blush, blend the overlapping area between Brown down & bare study. Gently shade the overlapping area. Now you will see a colour gradually darkening.

Apply your thin black liquid eyeliner on top, with some mascara, and you’ll have a beautiful different look!

TIP: I would also get MAC’s “VANILLA” pigment, and apply it with a mini brush on the inner corner of my eyes. The picture below shows exactly were in the “RED AREA”.