Your Brows: Shape-em-up !!

Tweezing/waxing/shaping/threading your brows are NOT the only things you can do with them. Sometimes, even after proper makeup, they will look (BLAH)… with some patches from a tweezing gone wrong… or even their length is too short! Shaping your brows with a pencil completes your look & defines your brows. They frame your face & give you a polished finished look.

A great pencil I use is MAC’s eye brows crayon (shade: STUD- Dark taupe chocolate brown).

This crayon has amazing consistency, not waxy and therefore really easy to apply. I apply it on my brows from the start to the end, extend the line to make my brows longer, filling in any gaps. The next step is more important. Once you color your eyebrows, you will feel as if it’s too much, as they will look too dark and bulky. Just take a piece of tissue and wipe them in a horizontal direction until the color slightly lightens. You can press harder on the pencil for a dark effect & go light handed to get the lighter effect. The great thing about this is it will last long!