The Beauty of the White Eyeliner

Whenever we think white kohl we go “Oh no, it’ll make me look scary so I’ll stick with the usual …Black”. Most people don’t realize just how great white eyeliner can be. It gives you a bolder look. There’s more to the white eyeliner, more than you think. Apply your makeup then line the top & bottom eyelid with the white pencil. I personally recommend Chanel’s (BLANC) no. 65. Chanel’s pencil gives a better effect.

White eyeliner creates a bright look and helps the eyes stand out. If you have small eyes, apply it on the bottom lid and it’ll make your eyes look slightly larger & brighter. One tip you should consider when using the white pencil, apply mascara in BOTH top lashes & bottom lashes. The bottom lashes will make your eyes stand out even more!