After COLOURING my whole face, shimmer is the one thing I have to apply on the sides of my face (top part of cheeks cornering the eyes). Apply your blush, and then apply this shimmer (highlight) on the top part of your blush (NOT ON THE BLUSH). I have a variety of products, but in the end I always favor one!

I tried High beam by benefit.

High Beam is a satiny pink luminescent complexion enhancer that creates a natural glow. Makes your complexion looks fresher and helps you look radiant. How to use it? Use the brush and draw an X on the apple of each cheek, and blend with your fingertips in upward then outward motion. I also use it under my brows, on the centre of my nose and also above my upper lip. Do NOT over-apply or else it will look CAKEY! Again the secret to highlighters/shimmers is blending them properly onto your face, or else it will look blotchy!

The other shimmery product is smashbox’s “Soft lights Shimmer”. I prefer this over high beam.

This silk like powder gives a much more natural glowing effect. It gives you a softer look. You can sweep it anywhere for radiance. With this product, I suggest using the MAC 188 brush.

It’s just like MAC 187 but smaller. You need this kind of brush for those sensitive mini areas. They help tremendously with blending.

Last but not least, if you can’t find the two products above, you can use the closest alternative, Sephora’s Highlighting compact powder (in rose/golden). But I recommend Smashbox’s shimmer for the best results.