The solution for longer wear

Put on your makeup without a cream base or serum primer base and it’s all going to fade out in 2-3 hours. Prepping your face before makeup with a cream that best suits your skin will give you much better results. Base cream sets and holds your makeup longer. Apply it in a circular motion upward and not pulling your cheeks in a downward motion with gravity. This will help keep your face pulled up over the years.



Over the past year, I have used those 3 products, and I must say, I favor OLAY!

Olay cream is offered for day and night time. Yellow cap is for day and the pink one is for the night. Pricewise, it’s cheap and gives a good result. Once I apply it, I let it dry for a minute then apply my makeup. It’s very light and also has SPF.

Another cream I used pre-makeup is BOSCIA’s skin perfecting primer- sold in Sephora. It is considered a “Mattifier” and gives a really smooth based texture. It claims to be oil free but it feels sort of greasy after application.

Sephora’s “Perfecting Ultra Smoothing Primer” is Fabulous.

It’s a 100 times better than BOSCIA. It brightens up dull complexions & smoothes out the texture of your face (a matte velvety feel). I have never tried a product that makes my face as smooth as this. Once you apply it, you might feel that your hand is greasy, but don’t worry it’s not grease and it will dry up in seconds.