As I recommended in my previous posts, Makeup4ever’s mat velvet foundation is excellent for daily & light use. However, if you are going to a party/wedding or any other special occasion, a heavier foundation is required. Heavier means it will stay longer + more cover up. It’s a 100% long lasting. Sometimes I apply it at 9 am and 12 hours later… it’s the same!

Obsessed with MAC’s goodies, I use their “Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15”.

Many shades are available, but for olive skin, I recommend NC 40/NC42. NC44 and above is too dark. For fairer skin, the NC-30 range would suite best. You will realize that shades come in “NC” and “NW”. It’s crucial to know the difference. NCàNeutral Cool, and NWà Neutral Warm. Cools have a yellow undertone and Warms are more peachy/pinky.  For example: NC30 is very different than NW30. Double check before buying or get a sample.  NC’s are more natural, and bronzers/skin finishes will remove the yellow paleness.

Many girls get confused on how to apply this product. You can use your fingers but for a better flawless application, I urge you to use the MAC 190 foundation brush. The brush allows greater coverage. I brought the bottle’s pump from MAC and replaced it instead of the cap for easy access. I apply 3 little circles on my hand, and then shake my hand a bit for the foundation to spread. With the brush, I apply the foundation starting on my cheeks & chin (vertical downward motion). Then I move towards the nose in the same motion (also the sides of the nose). The eyes are the tricky part. With the brush I dab 0.5 cm below the eyes.  Finally, the forehead in a horizontal left to right motion. Once this is done, I take a sponge, and blot all over the face to make sure everything’s evened out. Do the same under the eyes to blend the foundation correctly. NOW you will look YELLOW. Do not be afraid. CALM DOWN… Now apply bronze or use the 187 brush to apply skinfinish powder to bring out the proper colour. You have to apply this or else you will look pale.