Summery Blush

Summer is here, and with the perfect tan or a bronzed look, you’de want a shimmery tannish blush to top off your skinfinished powdered face. I am crazy head over heels with those 3 blushes from MAC. Their colours are perfect for the “bronzed look”, with a hint of shimmer.

  • Bottom left (Coppertone) –> Lighter shade out of the 3. Peachish-brown matte tone. Can build it up in color to get a more dramatic effect. Differs from the other 2 since it is NOT shimmery. Just a natural warm subtle glow. Works beautifully if topped off with other blushes (Melba /peaches).

  • Top left (Peach twist) –> Warmer shade out of the 3. More peachy, less pinkish. Gives a sunkissed look. Becareful when applying this one. Don’t overdo or you’ll look clownish! Very shimmery & goes best with ppl who are slightly tanned or have a darker complexion.

  • Top right (Sunbasque) –> all time favorite summer blush! With peachy & orangy tones with pearl. It’s one of those colors that go with every skin tone. Can be used as a bronzer too.

Don’t forget to blend the sides of your applied blush with (MAC 187 brush + Skinfinish Mineralize natural powder). If you applied any blush and it was just TOO much & it looks harsh, just apply any translucent powder over it to tone down the color!