The following brushes are the most important 3 brushes you must have to perfect your face. Ofcourse, you’ll have 10 other brushes on your vanity, but those 3 are a must have. They are pricey, but always invest in a couple of good brushes, for better results and healthier skin.

The brush on the left (MAC 150) is the ultimate powder brush. A large dome-shaped brush ideal for loose & pressed powders. MAC recommends it for blush too, but personally, I don’t. It’s perfect for blending your powder for full coverage and dense enough to not waste the powder. It’s a perfect tool for “HOOLA” bronzer from Benefit & “Studio Fix” powder from MAC.

The brush on the right (MAC 187) is my all time FAVORITE! This (extra soft) Duo Fibre brush is used for lightweight application & blending of powder. You can use it for different pigments & blushes, but I use this brush only for MAC Minseralize Skinfinish powder (*comming post). This brush is simply amazing, it picks up just the right amount of powder & gives you a soft look with a subtle glow. You won’t feel anything on your face while it’s brushing. The hairs of this brush might shed in the start, but after a few washes it will stop.

The brush shown above is from INGLOT (25SS), and i call it the BLUSH BRUSH or the “cute one”. I recommend using this brush for blush instead of MAC 150 (and similar) because it has a better grip. The hairs are so soft which will not create a rash on your cheeks. The trick is blush your cheeks with this brush, but then take your (MAC 187 brush) and blend to top part & bottom part of applied blush, in order to make it look natural and even.